DNS Spy - Paranoid about your DNS

Worried someone might change your DNS records? Or hijack your domain, even for a few minutes, without you knowing it? Or just want to keep track of your client or competitor's DNS?

Then DNS Spy is the service for you.

What DNS Spy offers:

  • Monitor domains for any DNS changes
  • Alert you when a record has changed
  • Keep a detailed history of each DNS record change
  • Free for 1 monitored domain
  • Back-up all your DNS records
  • Verify all your nameservers are in sync
  • Support DNS zone transfer (AXFR)

Monitor your DNS changes

Simply add your domain to DNS Spy and we'll discover the relevant DNS records. As soon as a record changes, you'll receive an alert.

Want to monitor custom DNS records? No problem, just add them in your dashboard.

Power user? We support AXFR zone transfers to get 100% coverage of your domain.

Be paranoid about your DNS

A subtle change in your DNS records can make or break your online business. DNS Spy will send a notification for every change, so you can sleep knowing your DNS is monitored correctly.

Would you know if someone hijacks your DNS records? You will, with DNS Spy.

Get notified when your clients change their DNS

Know this feeling? You're waiting for your client to change their DNS records to launch a new project, but it takes a long time?

Stop checking the records every few hours, just add them in DNS Spy: we'll notify you when the record changes.

- ## Last changed: 2017-03-01 05:16:11 (UTC)
+ ## Last changed: 2017-03-23 06:05:27 (UTC)

- www.dnsspy.io (A):
+ www.dnsspy.io (A):

- TTL: 3600s
+ TTL: 300s

Back-up your DNS

Worried your current DNS provider might be unavailable one day? Or offline due to a DDoS attack? We've got your back: we offer Bind, PowerDNS and CSV exports for each monitored domain, straight from your DNS Spy dashboard.

Now you can restore your DNS records to any other DNS provider. Your DNS records are safe.

Security surveillance through DNS

When domains change IPs, they could change tech-stack altogether: a new firewall policy, new hardware, new software, ...

Each IP or DNS change opens up new security vectors. Keep track of your domains' DNS changes so you can assess the security situation correctly.

Track your competitors

Want to know what the competition is up to? You'd be surprised to know what you can learn through DNS. Changed records for the domain? Might be a new website launch. New MX records? Or new TXT records?

Stay ahead of the game by being informed.

See history of DNS changes

Want to know what the value of a DNS record was last year? Or last week? DNS Spy keeps track of every change so you can look this up.

It wouldn't be the first time a DNS change had to be rolled back, only to find out no one knows the previous value.

Monitor your DNS migrations

Thinking of switching DNS provider? Always a tricky situation. With DNS Spy, you can monitor all your DNS records for changes. That means we can let you know when one of your DNS record makes an unexpected change.

Have faith in your DNS migrations by letting DNS Spy have your back.

Verify your nameservers are in sync

There's nothing as frustrating as debugging a DNS problem, only to find out one of your nameservers had stale records.

DNS Spy will notify you when your nameservers are returning different values for the same record. If they are, you can quickly see which nameserver is offering which response.

Resolve CNAME records

We can resolve CNAME records and alert you when the value behind those records changes too.

Get notified when an unexpected record changes as a result of a CNAME change.

100% coverage with zone transfers

Get near real-time updates when you enable AXFR zone transfers.

With zone transfers, we can monitor, alert and back-up even your most obscure DNS records. Without exception.

Detect improper nameserver configurations

We scan your records and validate your configurations. Even if a config is valid for your nameserver, it might still violate RFCs that prevent mail delivery or result in non-functioning DNS records.

Every time your records change, we validate them and will alert you when something's not right.

DNS warnings detected!

We detected potential problems with one or more of your DNS records. You might want to review them to take corrective actions.

More details

Autodetect your DNS records

One of our most powerful features is the auto-detect of your DNS records.

Our advanced scanners can find almost any DNS record and will automatically start monitoring it for changes. Want more? Use our AXFR zone transfers for 100% coverage.

Free for Open Source projects

DNS Spy is built on Open Source and the founders have a long history with Linux and Open Source in general.

If you run an Open Source project, contact us to apply for a free, lifetime, premium subscription to DNS Spy as a token of our appreciation for all your hard work!

A popular Open Source project has the potential to impact millions of users if its DNS gets hijacked, protect your own projects with DNS Spy.

Read more on our support for open source projects