Plans & Pricing for DNS Spy

The standard and premium plans allow you to monitor your domain's DNS records. The Premium plan unlocks more functionality and the ability to monitor more domains.

Standard and Premium users get recommendations and analysis of their DNS records, so you can get notified whenever any of your configurations violate known DNS RFCs or best practices.

Light Standard Premium
Monthly pricing 4,99€/m 9,99€/m 19,99€/m
All DNS records are checked every 5 minutes
Amount of domains 3 25 50
Amount of DNS records per domain
Auto-scan your domains for DNS records
Ability to add custom DNS records
Receive notifications for changed DNS records
BIND, PowerDNS and CSV exports These zonefile exports can be imported into Bind, PowerDNS or any 3rd party DNS provider instantly.
History of each DNS record 7 days 30 days
Support for CNAME resolving This allows you to receive notifications when the value behind CNAME values change.
Receive notifications for DNS recommendations or RFC violations
Out-of-sync nameserver notifications Get notified when DNS records return different replies per nameserver.
Support for AXFR zone transfers Zone transfers are performed every minute, allowing you near-realtime updates of your DNS records.
Possibility to double the amount of domains you monitor
(Custom pricing)
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Do you run an open source project? You can apply for a free premium account to help keep your project's domain names secure. We can't sponsor every open source project (yet), but if you maintain an active project we'll try to work something out. Get in touch!