DNS Spy: Changelog & Roadmap

We have big plans. Here's our list of recent updates and future plans.

If you have an idea or feature request, get in touch - we'd love to hear your thoughts!

Public roadmap

Here's a list of new features and ideas we're planning to bring to DNS Spy.

  • Add support for validation and reporting DNSSEC changes and misconfigurations
  • Highlight potentially dangerous DNS configurations and offer general improvements done
  • Add a public scan (without registration) to validate DNS records done
  • Scan and alert when your nameservers are open DNS resolvers (potential DDoS implications)
  • Add a public API for adding/removing domains and records
  • Add a quick method for getting alerts on a single record, without registration (record-to-email relation)
  • Add support for TSIG in AXFR
  • Implement 2-factor authentication done

Did we miss your killer feature or requirement? As they say, do let us know!


2018-11-13: version 2.1.0

  • A real free-to-try trial, no credit cards required (10d trial)
  • Plan changes: every plan gets every feature, just a limitation on the amount of domains
  • A new updated layout for the app and dashboard
  • Yearly billing plans on top of the monthly ones

2018-10-25: version 2.0.0

  • Behind the scenes: a new DNS management framework has been rolled out, improving performance
  • Accounting: DNS Spy has transitioned to Immutable VOF as the parent company, invoices will now contain VAT

2018-05-02: version 1.0.5

  • Improvement: add support for Null MX record in DNS scoring system
  • Improvement: fix layout in invoicing
  • Improvement: small fixes in wording on the CAA validator

2017-08-28: version 1.0.4

  • Change: removed the free plan in DNS Spy (sorry folks)
  • Bugfixes: CAA record validator now properly validates records upstream
  • Improvement: Add Pterodactil as a sponsored open source project

2017-07-14: version 1.0.3

2017-07-06: version 1.0.2

  • Bugfix: case sensitivity problems have been fixed with CNAME, TXT and MX values
  • Bugfix: DNS records behind dynamic TTLs (like Netlify) won't have changes to their TTL reported
  • Bugfix: nameservers that are offline are now being handled more robustly
  • Sponsor: added getsymphony as sponsored project

2017-06-12: version 1.0.1

  • Bugfix: AXFR zone transfers could sometimes be shown as out-of-sync when they weren't
  • Bugfix: when adding a new domain, it would sometimes report all DNS records as changes
  • Bugfix: better handling of timeouts on DNS responses (or lack thereof)
  • Feature: added a special (real world) surprise for paying members of DNS Spy

2017-04-08: version 1.0

  • Feature: brand new layout, logo and style!
  • Feature: add public DNS scans and shareable results
  • Feature: add public DNS scoring system
  • Feature: add support for Certificate Authority Authorization (CAA) records
  • Improvement: no more beta, this is the big 1.0 release
  • Improvement: autodetect is now able to detect even more records
  • Improvement: a favicon

2017-03-17: version 0.16

  • Feature: add 2 factor authentication with Google Authenticator (or compatible apps)
  • Feature: warn users if NS records do not match authoritative nameservers
  • Improvement: the warnings-section (standard + premium users) has been redesigned
  • Bugfix: certain invoices could not be downloaded due to out-of-bounds PDFs, that is now resolved

2017-03-10: version 0.15

  • Bugfix: correctly show authoritative NS records for domains, for real this time
  • Enhancement: alert users when NS records do not match authoritative nameservers
  • Enhancement: nameservers that cause timeouts should be retried a minute later
  • Internals: refactored DNS parser with future goal of supporting more DNS record types
  • Feature: add support for IDN (internationalised) domain names

2017-03-06: version 0.14

  • Bugfix: correctly show authoritative NS records for domains
  • Bugfix: correctly include subdomains for NS record delegation in bind/powerdns exports
  • Bugfix: zonefile validation could sometimes show incorrect warnings
  • Enhancement: updated colour palette for the public site

2017-03-05: version 0.13

  • Feature: add DNS record validation and suggestions in the dashboard, see notifications when your DNS records violate RFCs (for paying customers)
  • Enhancement: improve font, size and colours of all public pages
  • Enhancement: when alerting users of disabled DNS records, include the CNAME values in the notification
  • Enhancement: auto-disable CloudFlare's SOA record upon auto-detecting (those get bumped too often)
  • Enhancement: mark nameservers are online/offline more clearly in the DNS Spy dashboard
  • Bugfix: show NS records for authoritative and non-authoritive responses correctly

2017-03-01: version 0.12

  • Enhancement: DNS Spy is now in public beta, open registrations for everyone
  • Enhancement: Optimized the DNS scanning routines for greater efficiency with new users

2017-02-28: version 0.11

  • Feature: Added ability to enter a custom IP for your AXFR zonetransfers, if you use a hidden master
  • Bugfix: Activy log now shows each individual nameserver response
  • Enhancement: Autodetect functionality extended with improved detection algorithm
  • Enhancement: All emails now use the same consistent layout

2017-02-12: version 0.10

  • Bugfix: Domain input validation now properly supports short domain names
  • Enhancement: Before marking a record as deleted, all nameservers need to confirm the record has been deleted
  • Enhancement: Improved on-boarding for new users, only ask for minimal info (no CC)

2017-01-15: version 0.9

  • Bugfix: Mail notifications will only show the changes in records (value or TTL), unchanged values are hidden
  • Enhancement: Added exports for PowerDNS with conversion tools for MySQL, PostgreSQL and other backends
  • Enhancement: Extended BIND export with clear instructions how to import/use the zone

2017-01-03: version 0.8

  • Feature: Alert when your domain is offline if none of the nameservers reply
  • Feature: Alert when the domain is online again (yay!)
  • Bugfix: Separate paying vs. non-paying customers to distinct queues with different QoS
  • Enhancement: Updated homepage with better on-boarding call to action

2016-12-09: version 0.7

  • Feature: When nameserver records keep changing, disable the alerting and inform the user (useful with dynamic DNS backends that keep changing)
  • Feature: Alert when your nameservers are out-of-sync and in-sync again
  • Feature: Alert when zone transfers stop working, include instructions how to resolve
  • Enhancement: Added table filters in the DNS Spy dashboard
  • Enhancement: Added table sorting in the DNS Spy dashboard
  • Enhancement: Extend FAQ section
  • Enhancement: Display round-robin records better in both dashboard and e-mail reporting
  • Enhancement: Implement privacy policy + terms and conditions
  • Bugfix: Fixed parser of AXFR results where records without explicit $ORIGIN were shown incorrectly

2016-10-29: version 0.6

  • Feature: Implement CNAME resolving to alert on changed values behind CNAME records
  • Enhancement: Store and display all times in UTC, the one true timezone
  • Enhancement: Separate queues per purpose for background DNS jobs
  • Enhancement: Send reporting e-mails via Amazon SES
  • Enhancement: Speed up AXFR validation via checksumming the zone
  • Enhancement: When only detecting a SOA DNS change, alert user we might miss other records
  • Bugfix: Don't report changes detected via the autodetect-scan done via the dashboard
  • Bugfix: Properly scan and handle wildcard DNS records

2016-10-05: version 0.5

  • First version online! Happy birthday, DNS Spy!