DNS Spy: Changelog & Roadmap

We might be in beta, but we have big plans. Here's our list of recent updates and future plans.

If you have an idea or feature request, get in touch - we'd love to hear your thoughts!

Public roadmap

Here's a list of new features and ideas we're planning to bring to DNS Spy.

  • Add support for validation and reporting DNSSEC changes and misconfigurations
  • Highlight potentially dangerous DNS configurations and offer general improvements done
  • Add a public scan (without registration) to validate DNS records
  • Scan and alert when your nameservers are open DNS resolvers (potential DDoS implications)
  • Add a public API for adding/removing domains and records
  • Add a quick method for getting alerts on a single record, without registration (record-to-email relation)
  • Add support for TSIG in AXFR
  • Implement 2-factor authentication done

Did we miss your killer feature or requirement? As they say, do let us know!


2017-03-17: version 0.16

  • Feature: add 2 factor authentication with Google Authenticator (or compatible apps)
  • Feature: warn users if NS records do not match authoritative nameservers
  • Improvement: the warnings-section (standard + premium users) has been redesigned
  • Bugfix: certain invoices could not be downloaded due to out-of-bounds PDFs, that is now resolved

2017-03-10: version 0.15

  • Bugfix: correctly show authoritative NS records for domains, for real this time
  • Enhancement: alert users when NS records do not match authoritative nameservers
  • Enhancement: nameservers that cause timeouts should be retried a minute later
  • Internals: refactored DNS parser with future goal of supporting more DNS record types
  • Feature: add support for IDN (internationalised) domain names

2017-03-06: version 0.14

  • Bugfix: correctly show authoritative NS records for domains
  • Bugfix: correctly include subdomains for NS record delegation in bind/powerdns exports
  • Bugfix: zonefile validation could sometimes show incorrect warnings
  • Enhancement: updated colour palette for the public site

2017-03-05: version 0.13

  • Feature: add DNS record validation and suggestions in the dashboard, see notifications when your DNS records violate RFCs (for paying customers)
  • Feature: add page showcasing the open source support: Supporting Open source
  • Enhancement: improve font, size and colours of all public pages
  • Enhancement: when alerting users of disabled DNS records, include the CNAME values in the notification
  • Enhancement: auto-disable CloudFlare's SOA record upon auto-detecting (those get bumped too often)
  • Enhancement: mark nameservers are online/offline more clearly in the DNS Spy dashboard
  • Bugfix: show NS records for authoritative and non-authoritive responses correctly

2017-03-01: version 0.12

  • Enhancement: DNS Spy is now in public beta, open registrations for everyone
  • Enhancement: Optimized the DNS scanning routines for greater efficiency with new users

2017-02-28: version 0.11

  • Feature: Added ability to enter a custom IP for your AXFR zonetransfers, if you use a hidden master
  • Bugfix: Activy log now shows each individual nameserver response
  • Enhancement: Autodetect functionality extended with improved detection algoritm
  • Enhancement: All emails now use the same consistent layout

2017-02-12: version 0.10

  • Bugfix: Domain input validation now properly supports short domain names
  • Enhancement: Before marking a record as deleted, all nameservers need to confirm the record has been deleted
  • Enhancement: Improved on-boarding for new users, only ask for minimal info (no CC)

2017-01-15: version 0.9

  • Bugfix: Mail notifications will only show the changes in records (value or TTL), unchanged values are hidden
  • Enhancement: Added exports for PowerDNS with conversion tools for MySQL, PostgreSQL and other backends
  • Enhancement: Extended BIND export with clear instructions how to import/use the zone

2017-01-03: version 0.8

  • Feature: Alert when your domain is offline if none of the nameservers reply
  • Feature: Alert when the domain is online again (yay!)
  • Bugfix: Separate paying vs. non-paying customers to distinct queues with different QoS
  • Enhancement: Updated homepage with better on-boarding call to action

2016-12-09: version 0.7

  • Feature: When nameserver records keep changing, disable the alerting and inform the user (useful with dynamic DNS backends that keep changing)
  • Feature: Alert when your nameservers are out-of-sync and in-sync again
  • Feature: Alert when zone transfers stop working, include instructions how to resolve
  • Enhancement: Added table filters in the DNS Spy dashboard
  • Enhancement: Added table sorting in the DNS Spy dashboard
  • Enhancement: Extend FAQ section
  • Enhancement: Display round-robin records better in both dashboard and e-mail reporting
  • Enhancement: Implement privacy policy + terms and conditions
  • Bugfix: Fixed parser of AXFR results where records without explicit $ORIGIN were shown incorrectly

2016-10-29: version 0.6

  • Feature: Implement CNAME resolving to alert on changed values behind CNAME records
  • Enhancement: Store and display all times in UTC, the one true timezone
  • Enhancement: Separate queues per purpose for background DNS jobs
  • Enhancement: Send reporting e-mails via Amazon SES
  • Enhancement: Speed up AXFR validation via checksumming the zone
  • Enhancement: When only detecting a SOA DNS change, alert user we might miss other records
  • Bugfix: Don't report changes detected via the autodetect-scan done via the dashboard
  • Bugfix: Properly scan and handle wildcard DNS records

2016-10-05: version 0.5

  • First version online! Happy birthday, DNS Spy!