Showing the DNS score in your dashboard & an updated layout

Posted on February 28, 2019
by Mattias Geniar
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We just shipped a feature that’s been high on our list: a full implementation of the public DNS scoring system in your dashboard.

The DNS scoring system

We’ve had our public DNS rating system for a little over a year now. Every day, hundreds of sites get scanned and receive recommendations for how to improve the resilience & setup of their nameservers. If you haven’t tried it out yet, go have a look. 😉

Despite us having that scoring system available on our website for everyone, we never showed the score of a domain of a paying subscriber. Until now.

DNS scores in your dashboard

Now, if you log in to your dashboard, this is what you’ll see.

Next to each domain, you’ll see its score.

Once you click through to the domain, we’ll show you in detail the potential risks we identified so you can take accurate measures.

A slightly tweaked layout

In the same release, we optimized the display of the records and their values a bit. We changed it back to a view that has a single record + its value on one row, instead of having it spread out across 2 rows.

This should make it more clear which record has which value associated with it.

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